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Swimming Pool Builders Auckland NZ

Specialists in Custom Inground Concrete Swimming Pool Designs, Construction & Maintenance

Considering modifying your outdoor living area?

You need an experienced concrete swimming pool builder NZ who can guide you through the design and build process.

Majestic Pools is a leading and reputable family owned and operated Concrete Swimming Pool NZ Construction Company based in Auckland, New Zealand we transform living spaces Nationwide.

We offer professional and reliable Pool NZ services, working with the dedication and craftsmanship that has earned us a reputation for excellence. Majestic Pools are the Swimming Pool Building, Concrete Pool Construction, Pool Renovation NZ, Pool Maintenance & Pool Repair experts.


Does a concrete pools increase home value NZ?

Taking the plunge to build an Inground Concrete Pool NZ is an investment and it will very likely add value to your property - Real estate experts estimate that an inground concrete pool can add five to eight percent to a home’s value!

How much does it cost to install a pool NZ? If you're ready to splash out - Find your inground pool cost NZ here

How long does it take to build a Pool NZ?

Each concrete pool is distinct due to the nature of the environment, pool type, features etc. therefore duration of the pool build and time of completion is unique -See our process here 


To get an informative answer to all your swimming pool questions from an experienced Pool Builder NZ.

Contact Majestic Pools to arrange for an FREE onsite consultation and a FREE no-obligation pool quote:

021 298 0599



Inground swimming pools are usually set level with your backyard, they're a great option for family fun.


In terms of materials, we build concrete pools NZ. Concrete pools offer customization and can be built to any specifications.  

Concrete pools require an acid wash to remove algae and mold every three to five years or a re-plaster every 10 years. Majestic Pools offer a wide range of pool maintenance services so you can retain the quality of your pool.


Alongside pool construction we also offer a wide variety of services - pool resurfacing, pool renovations, custom pool designs, pool accessories, pool pump shed construction, filtration systems, Pool sanitization, pool-side landscaping & outdoor living innovation. Heat pumps, Infinity edge, Pool Lighting, Pool Pebble Finishes, Pool features and Shotcrete Projects.


You need a professional Pool Builder to tackle a Pool project - Get guaranteed quality results with Majestic Pools.

Taking the plunge to build a pool is an investment and it will add value to your house click here to find out how much your concrete swimming pool will cost. When you're considering to modify your outdoor living area Majestic Pools swimming pool builder provide experience and reliability to guide you through the pool design and construction process. Majestic Pools NZ experience enables us to remove the uncertainty of the inground concrete swimming pool building process.

From the beginning stages of the Inground Pool NZ project all the way to the completion of the pool renovation or pool construction process, we work side-by-side with clients every step of the way, we work side-by-side with clients every step of the way.

Majestic Pools an experienced Pool Builder that specializes in pool renovations and building new inground concrete swimming pools with landscaping and surrounds.

We’re committed to providing clients with a wide range of options, all with guaranteed quality and precision.

Plunge Pool - Kerikeri

Majestic Pools is the premiere choice to build your swimming pool. Specialists in Custom Inground Concrete Swimming Pool Designs, Pool Construction, Pool Renovations & Pool Maintenance. Re-plastering, Re-tiling, Re-surfacing, Installation of pool features, Pool accessories, Pump shed construction, Heat pumps & filtration systems, Pool decking, Pool sanitization, pool-side landscaping & outdoor living innovation, Infinity edge, Pool Lighting, Pool weirs, Pool Pebble Finishes & Shotcrete Projects.

From water features to custom decking and equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to make your outdoor living area and Inground concrete swimming pool investment a masterpiece.


Majestic Pools provide Innovative designs and streamlined Concrete Inground pool construction. Pool design & customization in the way of the shape the size, depth of the pool itself is virtually limitless - Pool features you can add are also infinite. If you can dream it, we can build it. From concept to custom design & build Majestic Pools will support and communicate with you each step of the pool construction process. See how simple our process is


Building Luxury & lifestyle Inground Concrete Pools & Spas across New Zealand. Majestic Pools construct residential pools, commercial pools and anything from a simple traditional lifestyle concrete swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy; to school pools, corporate pools or a luxurious majestic grand statement inground pool and spa combination that incorporates modern technologies & complimentary surrounds and an automated filtration system with a pump shed.


If your Inground concrete pool is in desperate need of some attention and requires a pool renovation. Whether The pool needs to be re-tiled, re-plastered, re-surfaced or a re-build we are your guys to do the job. We are committed to total customer satisfaction. The result after we finish working on your pool renovation will be a stunning, all-encompassing custom pool design that transforms your property. Transforming your backyard into an outdoor area for exercise, relaxation, and fun for the whole family!

Whether you're looking to improve the pool you have or build a new inground concrete pool & entertainment area we can create your vision. Majestic Pools, Pool Builders NZ will guide you through the entire Pool Design and Pool construction process. From concept to pool build, architects, engineers, excavation, building consent & council sign-off. Customers receive the one on one attention needed during any major pool construction project. We are in constant communication with you throughout the pool project process.


Step 1

Book a design consultation meeting with Majestic Pools.

step 2

Discuss project requirements

step 3

Review and accept quote including design details, estimates and building process.

step 4

Consent. Build your Pool & surrounds

step 5

Sit back and relax. Enjoy your Majestic Pool

Dive in and explore the PHOTO GALLERY to see the beautiful Swimming Pool projects across NZ - Inground Concrete Pools, decks and water features we have created for our customers and friends. Visit our BUILD A POOL page to learn more about our concrete pool construction process. Contact us Majestic Pools - Pool Builder NZ by calling or texting us on 021 298 0599, or through our contact form.

We offer a full range of services including pool designs, Pool construction, maintenance and refurbishments. Majestic Pools - Pool Builders, specialize in Inground Pools NZ in particular Concrete Swimming Pools and Custom Designs. We offer Custom Pool Designs, Pool Construction, Pool renovations, Pool re-build, Pool resurfacing & Pool re-tiling, Pool re-plastering. We build Luxury Inground Concrete Swimming Pools & Spas across New Zealand that are Strong, durable, and structurally sound.



We use the most durable and beautiful pool interior finish on the market.

NZ Pool Pebble is sourced right here in NZ. We can customize your swimming pool pebble colour to your personal taste.

Pool decking


Majestic Pools is a local family-owned NZ Pool building company.

​Based in Bombay, Auckland NZ- We specialize in Pool building and designing custom luxury and lifestyle inground concrete swimming pools & spas and Pool renovations.


We are a full service Pool Builder offering a wide range of customizable services to fit all of our customers’ needs including pool design, construction, refurbishments & maintenance. 


Alongside inground concrete pool construction we also offer a wide variety of services - pool renovations, re-plastering, re-tiling, re-surfacing, custom pool design, pool features, pool accessories, pump shed construction, filtration systems, Pool decking, Pool sanitization, pool-side landscaping & outdoor living innovation, Heat pumps, Infinity edge, Pool Lighting, Pool weirs, Pool Pebble Finishes, Shotcrete Projects.

If your inground pool or concrete pool is in desperate need of some TLC we are your guys to do the job our workmanship is second to none. The result after we finish executing your pool renovation will be a stunning, all-encompassing pool design that transforms your entire yard.

From concept to build Majestic Pools will support and communicate with you each and every step of the way.

We don't just build concrete pools in Auckland we build inground pools across NZ. We are swimming pool builders that construct concrete inground pools in both the North and South Islands providing all parts of New Zealand the opportunity to experience a Majestic Pool.


Whatever your personal needs or preferences, Majestic Pools will be able to handcraft the perfect Inground Concrete Swimming Pool for you. Residential, Commercial, We also work on indoor pools, outdoor pools, Spa pools commercial pools - including resort style & school pools. From an intimate spa to a large resort style swimming pool and spa combination, we do it all. 

If you're looking for Pool Builders with reliability and expertise?

Support local - Give Majestic Pools a call 0212980599 or send us an email

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Find out what considerations will Influence how much it costs to install a Swimming Pool in NZ?

For most NZ homeowners, the main factor for a new custom designed inground concrete swimming pool is how much does a pool cost NZ?

Just like purchasing a car or home, there is no definite answer to pool pricing.

However, When it comes to building an inground concrete pool in NZ, there are some key main components that drive the total cost:

  • Size

  • Shape & Depth of the pool

  • Materials

  • Any upgrades and luxury accessories for example water features

  • Automated Heating and filtration

  • Pool Sanitization

  • Pool-side Landscaping 

  • Custom Designs

  • The level and ground conditions of your section e.g. steep slopes, sandy, rocky - in this case you may need a geo-technical engineering report to test your site.

Get an idea of what the POOL BUILDING PROCESS is what is involved when building a new inground concrete pool with Majestic Pools - Pool Builders NZ.

The ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs

How we build your pool from the get-go can crucially affect the ongoing costs that you'll need to maintain a certain level of care and maintenance to ensure your Inground Concrete Pool remains clean and in good condition, to withstand the elements.

There are 5 key components that will influence the ongoing costs of your Majestic Inground Concrete Pool:

  • How the pool water is filtered - running and servicing the filters and filters

  • How the pool  water is sanitized - costs of chemicals, salt water chlorinators

  • How your pool is cleaned - robot cleaners, self-cleaning units

  • Keeping your pool looking Majestic - maintaining the aesthetics

  • How you use your pool heat-pumps & water features

  • Every three to five years your concrete pool may need to be acid-washed, and every ten to fifteen years your pool may need to be re-plastered or resurfaced -  we do all these services.

If you are interested in renovating or constructing a concrete inground swimming Pool CONTACT US


We look forward to discussing your outdoor living area ideas and will give you honest and informative advice.


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