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Swimming Pool NZ

Pool Finishes

At Majestic Pools, we highly recommend using our pool finishes to enhance your swimming pool. Our finishes are sourced locally in New Zealand and are made from the highest quality materials. As licensed NZ Pool Pebble Applicators, you can rest assured that we know how to apply this product to your pool expertly. Trust us to create a stunning finish that will elevate your swimming experience.

Pebble Finish

NZ pool pebble colourful, sparkling glass pool finishes provide an unrivalled combination of aesthetic brilliance and structural integrity. We have the ability to create any colours you can imagine with our smooth and colour-fast glass pebbles. 


Our standard option leaves a soft and smoothly textured surface. The pebble and glass is exposed on plaster day using high pressure water blasters.


Our polished option will give you a silky, smooth finish. We use diamond polishers the day after we plaster to give it a sleek finish and bring the plaster to life. You will not see as much glass and stone in this more understated finish.


The honed finish is exposed on the day we plaster with high pressure water blasters and then cut back with diamond polishers to expose all the stone and glass. This exposes all the brilliant, coloured glass and pebble, but leaves it silky smooth to touch.

Easy to clean, Low maintenance

The pebble is sourced right here in New Zealand

Natural texture & Luxuriously smooth finish

Durability, Extravagant deep colours that will not fade

NZ Pool Pebble Colours

NZ pool pebble
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